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- Structural drawings and construction phase services for new construction
  of industrial, residential, mixed use and low-rise commercial buildings
  and additions and alterations to buildings of all types and construction

- Renovations.

- Comprehensive structural drawings or drawings to address
  specific structural conditions or inadequacies.

- Retaining walls.

- Post-tensioned concrete.

- Engineered lumber.

- Repair of structural foundation cracks.

 - Non-standard / small / unusual projects.

- Site visits: Building codes generally require site visits during
  construction for projects involving structural design services.
  Site visits are a non-comprehensive review of construction
  in place and construction progress.
- Review of submittals: Building codes require a review of
  certain contractor / fabricator submittals and quality control
  procedures for most non-residential projects and for some
  residential projects.

- Administration of structural tests and inspections: Building codes
  require construction phase tests and inspections for most projects of
  significant size other than detached one- and two-family dwellings.
  A registered engineer or other suitable professional must perform
  certain administrative duties.

- At this time, structural drawings produced by this office are typically
  board drafted.

- Also refer to “Reports related to construction projects” described below.


- Reports Related to Construction Projects: Reports are issued for the
  various site visit, administrative, and inspection services that are
  described above under “design and construction phase services”. A
  report conveying an overview of applicable structural code requirements
  can also be provided at the conceptual stage to serve as a planning

- Reports Not Related to Construction Projects: Structural engineers
  often are called upon to provide guidance when structural code
  requirements, questionable structural performance or defective conditions
  require clarification. Some of the types of structural consulting reports
  are as described below.

- Identification of structural problems and recommendations for

- Insurance loss and warranty loss investigations.

- Forensic engineering.

- Pre-purchase review of homes and commercial buildings.

- For all of the above-described types of reports, Maiocco Structural
  Engineering provides the relevant information in a clear, well-organized
  report format.

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Downtown jewelry store renovation, Boston, MA

Second story residential addition, Natick, MA

Industrial addition, Boston, MA

Garage reconstruction for insurance loss, Medford, MA

Residential addition, Andover, MA

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