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Industrial addition, Boston, MAResidential addition, Andover, MA

The mission of this structural engineering firm is to provide cost-effective consulting services in a manner that recognizes the importance of structural integrity and the critical role of structural engineering in achieving project success.

Service Area and Clients:

Maiocco Structural Engineering has been doing structural consulting in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire since 1995. Most of the work done by this firm is for projects located in Middlesex and Essex counties.

Maiocco Structural Engineering is located in Woburn, MA. Woburn is approximately 12 miles northwest of Boston. The office is easily accessible from routes I-93 and I-95.

Anthony D. Maiocco, M.S., P.E. is registered as a licensed structural engineer in MA and NH and offers services only in these two states. The website information is offered only to potential clients for projects located in the above-listed jurisdictions.
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This firm does structural engineering design and other structural consulting for owners, architects, other design professionals, developers, contractors, real estate professionals and others. These clients have come to expect suitable and well-executed structure engineering and competent structural consulting from Maiocco Structural Engineering.


Maiocco Structural Engineering is a member of the Boston Association of Structural Engineers, (BASE).

db_112_1220 (Large)1Maiocco Structural Engineering has served eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire as structural consulting engineers since 1995.

Anthony D. Maiocco, M.S., P. E. is certified as a qualified structural engineer by the Structural Engineering Certification Board (SECB).

Anthony D. Maiocco, M.S, P. E. has been a licensed structural engineer since 1989.

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Maiocco Structural Engineering seeks to promote construction efficiency by producing well-conceived designs and effectively communicating the design requirements. Construction phase services are intended to satisfy code requirements and help to guard the owner against structural defects.

162_6269b (WinCE)This structural engineering firm greatly appreciates the benefits of adequate structural integrity and code compliance. In addition to the safety and legal advantages, proper design and construction often prevents unexpected difficulties the next time that a building is renovated or expanded. That is why experienced building owners, while concerned about initial cost, also place a high value on code compliance.

Structural engineers often are called upon to provide guidance in circumstances that may not involve planned construction. Such guidance is often needed when structural code requirements, questionable structural performance or defective conditions require clarification. In such case, Maiocco Structural Engineering provides the relevant information in a clear, well-organized report format.

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Maiocco Structural Engineering does structural analysis design for a wide range of project types. These include commercial, industrial, mercantile, mixed use and residential buildings, including single family homes.

New townhouse construction, Brighton, MAProjects of various sizes can benefit from the services provided by this structural engineering firm. Past projects include additions and renovations of existing buildings as well as new construction. Projects range in size from isolated alterations or corrective work to commercial renovations with budgets up to $1,500,000.00.

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Maiocco Structural Engineering, 10 Madison Street, Woburn, MA 01801-5227     Phone / fax: 781-932-3890

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